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Nutrition News!

Eat mandarin oranges a soon as you can - no more than a week from bringing them home. Refrigerate to delay spoilage and preserve flavor!


Mandarin Salad-

3 cups spinach, washed and drained

1.5oz.) cans mandarin oranges packed in 100% juice, drained

1/4 cup reduced-fat, Asian Sesame dressing

Combine all the ingredients into a bowl and toss gently until thoroughly coated.

Serve immediately.


New Year, New You!

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♦ You may notice different types of mangoes at

the store. Try them to see which you like best.

♦ A ripe mango will give slightly when you

squeeze it. Color is not a good judge

of ripeness.

♦ You can leave an unripe mango on the

counter for a few days to ripen it. Put it in

a paper sack to speed up the process.

♦ Mangoes are easy to eat once you learn

how to cut them:


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